Wednesday, September 29, 2004

September 29

Today we were introduced to the first project in the dream weaver unit.

September 28

Today we finished our dream weaver lab 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 labs.

September 24

Today we started working on dream weaver labs.

September 23

Today we started the dream weaver unit, and finished working on the html projects.

September 22

Today we finished lab 4 and started working on the html project.

Septmber 20

Today we finished the second problem in lab 3.

September 17

Today we finished the first part of lab 3. For homework we will update the html terms.

September 16

Today we finished our class problem for Lab 3 and we completed the applying your knowledge for Lab 3.

September 15

Today we worked on our class problem for lab three. For homework We are updating the html terms.

September 14

Tody we were inroduced to the class work for Lab 3

September 13

Today we went over our agenda for the week. Later this week we will start working on incorporating tables into a website. I used today to get organized and make corrections on my lab 2 stuff.

September 10

We finished lab two today. For homework over the weekend we have to collect all the terms that we have used thus far and put them into a personal glossary for myself.

September 9

Today we finished the first part of lab two and towards the end of class worked on the questions for lab two

September 8

We did questions for lab 1 and started lab 2

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Teusday September 7th, 2004

Today I did the following:

1. Turned in introductory to HTML handout
2. Created a web blogger
3. Introduction to html coding